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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry

Based in Hampstead, NC, Pierpan Dentistry offers patients from across southeastern North Carolina a complete range of restorative dental treatments. From our beginning in 1995, our dentists and team have gone out of their way to help patients feel welcome and at home in our care. You and your loved ones are more than patients to us — you are a part of our family, and we will treat you as such.

Helping You Restore Your Oral Health & Bright Smile

Our restorative dentistry services focus on treating and preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and further damage to your mouth, gums, and teeth. Each procedure we offer is designed to help improve your smile and restore your dental health. While you may maintain great at-home oral hygiene habits, everyone is susceptible to the effects of aging, wear, and daily life. Our team will work with you to return function, health, and beauty to your smile.

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Like a filling, implant, or dental bridge, a dental crown is used to restore aesthetics, function, and strength to your teeth. A crown may be utilized for a tooth in an advanced stage of decay or that has experienced severe damage. The finished crown can be made from several materials and covers the remaining tooth structure.

To ensure you receive timely, convenient restorations, we provide same-day restorations, thanks to our in-office CEREC CAD/CAM system.

Porcelain Bridges

A dental bridge is utilized to close gaps created by one or more missing teeth and restore structure to your bite. The bridge is composed of a series of crowns that are anchored to existing healthy teeth. Bridges are usually supported by natural teeth, but they may also be supported by implants.

Dental Implants

This type of restoration, when properly maintained, can provide patients with a permanent tooth replacement option. Our practice provides surgical placements and restoration of single and/or multiple implants. We utilize the latest technology to ensure our patients receive comfortable, effective care. To determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and existing jawbone structure.

Partial Dentures & Full Dentures

For patients missing most or all of their teeth, dentures can provide a great restoration option. Both dentures and partials are designed to enhance your smile and look like your natural teeth. If you are missing all of your natural teeth, full dentures may be recommended, whereas partials are used for patients who still retain some of their natural teeth. Some patients feel dentures give them a better smile than they had before!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Compared to silver/amalgam fillings, composite (tooth-colored) fillings provide patients with a more conservative restoration option. There are many benefits to this type of filling, including durability, virtually undetectable color, and restored strength and structure to your tooth. In addition to providing renewed stability to your tooth, a composite filling helps protect against broken teeth in the future.

(Root Canals)

If a tooth has experienced dental trauma or a cavity has reached the pulp of a tooth, a root canal is necessary. It is typical for teeth needing a root canal to have large fillings or a lot of decay. During treatment, we will clean out and disinfect the interior of your tooth and remove the infected pulp, decay, and/or old filling. This will help alleviate your discomfort and, more importantly, remove the infection. The canals of the tooth are then sealed, preventing future bacterial infection. At the close of the procedure, we will restore the tooth with a crown or filling. This strengthens and stabilizes the remaining tooth structure.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Not everyone’s wisdom teeth need to be removed. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted and causing problems to your adjacent teeth and tissues, they should be removed. Before your surgery, we will schedule a consultation to discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure.

Comprehensive Periodontal Care

Your gums are the foundation of your mouth, just as good periodontal maintenance is the foundation of good oral health. While you may not be exhibiting any signs or symptoms that your gums are unhealthy, gum disease can progress without you knowing. When left untreated, periodontal disease can destroy your oral bone structure, making early prevention and treatment very important.

Our team is committed to helping you and your family members maintain great gum health and preventing gum disease from developing. However, if you do develop gum disease, we will work with you to restore your health through deep cleaning and regular visits to our offices.

In-House Technology


To save our patients time and ensure they receive the highest quality care, Pierpan Dentistry is proud to offer same-day crowns and other dental restorations through CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics). This advanced technology combines 3D imaging and computer-assisted design (CAD) dentistry to help our team quickly and accurately design tooth restorations. CEREC works by taking a digital picture of your tooth, which is then converted into a 3D image that is used to create your custom-made ceramic restoration. In just one visit, we can complete a CEREC restoration that looks and feels natural.

Digital X-Rays

There are many advantages to digital radiography over conventional x-rays. With digital x-rays, less radiation (up to 90%) is needed to produce high-quality images. In addition, because the images are instantly available, there is no need to use dangerous chemicals to create an exposure. Digital x-rays are an important diagnostic tool and make it easier than ever to send your x-rays to outside specialists for a second opinion.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is about the size of a pen and is used to take highly magnified digital photos of your teeth. These photos can be displayed on a computer screen for both the patient and doctor and provide invaluable insight into your oral health. Using intraoral cameras in our practice allows us to give our patients a better understanding of our treatment recommendations.


This system is used for early detection of decay and helps us identify any changes in tooth enamel structure. The DIAGNOdent uses laser technology to find hidden areas of decay. A pen-like probe is used to send a safe, painless laser beam into the tooth. We have found using this system plays an important role in early cavity prevention.

Cone Beam Dental CT Scans

Each of our offices features a cone beam 3D imaging system. This allows us to take 3D images of the mouth and jaw and plays an important role in precision placement of dental implants. This technology helps our team gain an even more comprehensive view of your smile and aids us in constructing personalized treatment plans.

Our team is committed to helping you and your family members maintain great gum health and preventing gum disease from developing. However, if you do develop gum disease, we will work with you to restore your health through deep cleaning and regular visits to our offices.

To learn more about our restorative dental treatments or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 910-270-1222 to reach our Hampstead location.

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